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If you’re considering adding to your current exercise routine or starting your fitness journey, knowing your options is important. Today I’m comparing the basic differences between Personal Training and Group Fitness to help you make a decision if you’re considering one or both.  

Benefits of utilizing a Personal Trainer 

  • Safety – a personal trainer’s number one concern is form and technique. She will be there to monitor you during exercise to make sure you are performing the exercises safely and effectively. Because of this, there is a decreased risk of injury.  
  • Personalized Programs – a trainer will write a program designed specifically for your goals, needs, and restrictions.  
  • Motivation – because a trainer is typically working with you one-on-one, she can challenge and encourage you in a way that is most beneficial to you.  

Benefits of utilizing Group Fitness 

  • Affordable – Group Fitness tends to be an affordable option if you are looking to switch up your gym routine. 
  • Camaraderie – Because you are in a group setting, you will be exercising with like-minded folks every week and can find support through them in your journey.
  • Variety – There are so many kinds of group fitness classes, from Barre to HIIT to TRX. This variety can keep you from becoming bored by your routine. 

At the end of the day, whatever gets you moving and suits your goals is the best option for you. Have any specific questions? Feel free to message us at 

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