Often, when people are thinking about their core, they think about the front of their abs. But the core of the body includes the entire trunk – front, back, and sides. One of the most important parts of our core is our obliques. The sides of our cores help to stabilize us and keep our torso protected. They also help to prevent lower back strain when moving. It is less likely that you’ll have lower back strain if you have strong obliques. Our core helps us stay balanced and assists us in many of our daily activities.  

Equipment needed: 2 Dumbbells or Other Resistance  

The Workout: 

Circuit 1: complete each exercise 10 – 15 reps per side. Repeat the circuit 2 times total.  

  • Standing Side Dips 
  • Torso Rotation 
  • Side Crunches (Right and Left) 

Circuit 2: Do each exercise for :30 seconds a piece with a 10 second rest in between. For a challenge, do each for :45 seconds. Repeat 3 times  

  • Side Plank Hold R 
  • Plank Hip Dips  
  • Side Plank Hold L 

The Exercises – 

Standing dips 

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand. Stand up tall with core braced. Lean towards the right side, keeping the dumbbell close to the right side. Stand straight again, and repeat reps on the right side and before moving on to the left.  

Torso Rotations 

Hold the ends of a dumbbell in both hands. Standing tall with core braced, bring the dumbbell up to shoulder height. Make sure not to lock the elbows. Rotate from the center of the chest towards the right side, keeping the hips square to the front. Bring it back to center and repeat all reps on the right. Repeat rotations for the left.  

Side Crunches 

Lay on one side, cupping the head with the bottom arm to support the head. Lift the top arm and leg and bring the elbow and knee together, lifting slightly off the floor to engage the top side. Return to the starting position and repeat all the reps on one side before switching.  

Plank Hip Dips 

Start in a low plank position on the forearms, knees or toes. Shoulders should be stacked over the elbows. Brace the core and rotate from the hips from right to left, keeping the back long and flat.  

Side Plank Hold 

Lay on one side, with forearm flat on the floor, elbow underneath the shoulder. Bottom leg should be bent at 90 degrees and leg stacked underneath the top leg. Press off the elbow and knee, lifting the hips off the floor and forming a straight line from head to toe.  

For a challenge, keep both legs straight, the top leg staggered slightly in front of the bottom leg.  

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