Health and fitness apps can be a great way to create and track goals, find easy exercises when you don’t have a lot of time or space, and even help you find recipes to fit your needs. Here are some that are easy to use and FREE (as of June 2021), with no initial purchase and no subscription required. 

Exercise Apps: 

Leap Fitness Group  

This company creates great, free exercise apps based on exercise focus. Each app comes with pre-made workouts, typically based on fitness level and/or the area of the body you’d like to train (such as full body, arms, abs, etc.).  Some examples of their apps to try: 

  • Home Workouts – No Equipment 
  • Arm Workout 
  • Stretching Exercises 

Body By Blogilates  

This app is by a YouTube Fitness Influencer Cassey Ho, aka “Blogilates”. Her app connects you to all her exercise videos, which are all free on YouTube. The workouts primarily utilize bodyweight Pilates and Yoga moves, but will occasionally feature exercises with dumbbells or resistance bands. The app itself is very easy to use and, just like the Leap Fitness Group apps, you can search her workouts by the area of the body you’d like to train (such as total body, arms, core, etc.). 

Nike Run Club 

This app is indeed by Nike and requires you to sign up with your email. However, it is free from there! You can track your miles, do guided runs or solo runs. You can also tailor your goals, such as setting the time, distance, or speed you’d like to go. If you’d like to try a guided run, you can sort them out by types and goals such as first run, speed goals, distance runs, etc.  

Simply Yoga Free 

As the title suggests, this is a simple, free yoga app. It requires very little knowledge of yoga, since it provides videos and descriptions for each workout. No equipment required.  

Other Health and Fitness:  


If tracking food is helpful for you in your health and fitness journey, this app is a great one to use. Input your meals and even save personal recipes to make it easier the next time you make it. It’ll give you a breakdown of what your day looks like, comparing protein, carbs, and fat to give you a bigger picture.  


The great part of this app is that it not only allows you to search recipes based on your allergies, preferences, and/or dietary restrictions, but it also allows you to input your personal pantry so that you know what you have and what you might need for a new recipe. If you happen to like a recipe and don’t know what you need, simply add those items to your cart and the app will make a grocery list for you. Simple! 


If you are looking for an app that helps with general accountability, this one is a good one to try. The main free feature of this app is the ability to create and track habits. There are premade goals you can add, such as drinking more water, stretching, shutting off your phone before bed, etc. But you can also create and customize your own. You can even add timers and reminders for each habit, if you like.  

The most adorable part of this app is that each habit is attached to a plant in your virtual garden. And when you continue practicing your habit, your plant will start to grow. Adorable and practical! 

What are your favorite health and fitness apps? Leave a comment below! 

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