Trying to balance work and life can be tough. But it’s really important to make time for yourself, even if that means doing a 5-minute workout to get your energy and mood up.  

And yes, ideally you should get more than five minutes of exercise a day. But moving your body for a short time every day is always better than doing nothing! 

So, here’s a workout you can do once and will only take 5 minutes. Have a little more time? Double or triple it for a longer workout.  

Do each exercise :45 seconds with a :15 seconds rest in between:  

  • Jumping jacks  
  • Pushups 
  • Burpees 
  • Squat to alternating reverse lunges  
  • Mountain climbers  

How to do each exercise: 

Jumping Jacks – Stand upright with your legs together and arms at your sides. Slightly bend your knees and jump into the air, spreading the arms and legs shoulder-width apart. Jump back to starting position. 

Pushups – Start in plank position, with your hands slightly outside your shoulders. Lower the body by bending the elbows. Push through the hands and brace the core as you press back up. Can be done from the knees or toes.  

Burpees – Start in a squat position with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower your hands to the floor so they’re just in front of the feet. Walk or jump your feet back into a plank position. Walk or jump your feet back towards your hands. Stand and reach the arms up over your head.  

Squat to alternating reverse lunge – Start in a squat position, feet outside the hips, core braced. Step one leg back, like your feet are on railroad tracks. Drop the back knee towards the floor to perform a lunge. Step the back foot to the squat position and switch feet. 

Mountain Climbers –  Start in plank position, hands underneath shoulders and core braced. Drive one knee at a time towards your hands, making sure to not let the hips sag.  

Exercises can be modified by using a chair or bench. For pushups, burpees, and mountain climbers, place hands on the chair or bench instead of the floor. 

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