If you think that as a personal trainer I am always motivated to workout, you’d be wrong! There are plenty of days where I’d rather do anything but workout, and it takes a lot more convincing.  

When I confessed this to one of my clients the other day, they asked me how I get going on days when I’m dragging my feet. My honest answer was: I know getting started is the worst part (at least for me!). Once I’m moving, the dread I felt about working out goes away. 

This feeling might not be true for everyone, but if you relate to this, here is my advice: start small. Move a little. Start with a stretch or a march in place.  

The more you decide to do it, and actually do it, the easier it becomes. When you do this, working out will become a habit. So on those no motivation days, all it really takes is standing up and deciding to do it anyway. 

That’s why this quote is so important to keep in mind: 

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn  

This is true not just for fitness, but any goal you might have in life. Motivation may start you on the path, but that feeling will come and go with time, stress, bad days, etc.  

Creating a lifelong habit is what will keep you on that path.  

If you are looking for some other specific advice about starting a workout regimen and sticking with it, go to my Blog post talking about Working out for Beginners: 

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