If you’re new to working out at a gym, it can be tough to know what to bring. Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a good list of items to bring to your workout with us at Burn30: 

Water Bottle – Staying hydrated during a workout is essential. We have a drinking fountain with small cups you can use, but we recommend you bring your own, so you can continue to be hydrated throughout your session.   

Comfortable clothes – Wear or bring clothes you feel comfortable moving around in, because you can guarantee we’ll have you moving and sweating.  

Good shoes – This is an absolute MUST have. Good, supportive gym shoes are meant to support your body while you workout. This means they help prevent injuries and improve your performance. Invest in a good pair and make sure to change them out when they start losing their cushion and traction.  

Snack – If you need a little pre or post workout snack, make sure to bring it. A light, protein filled snack is a great way to heal your body after a workout.  

Headphones – Music is always playing at Burn30, but if you want your own (especially during your cardio), we recommend bringing those headphones.  

Have any further questions about what to bring to the gym? Leave a comment below! 

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