Music can make a huge difference when you workout! Certain tunes and tempos can help you keep pace when you’re running or push you through your last couple of reps. If you’re sick of the same old songs or playlists, here are few great ones that you can try out on Spotify:

Happy Mix – upbeat, happy pop 

Beast Mode: hip hop, rap playlist with intense beats

Nike Run Club: mix of songs with good running beats

Mood Booster: happy, feel-good songs

Feel Good Beats: happier, uplifting intstrumental beats

Feeling Accomplished: a mix of pop and hip hop

Hype: agressive trap and bass

Need something a little quieter? Here are a few good Yoga playlists for different moods:  

Sunrise Yoga: calm and meditative sounds

Hip-Hop Yoga: hip hop mix for a more upbeat yoga session

Vinyasa Flow: a mix of chill and motivational tracks

Do you have a favorite workout playlist? Share it below in the comments!  

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