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Burn30 Personal Fitness FAQs

Your Questions About Burn30 Personal Fitness, Answered

If you’re new to Burn30 and have questions, we’re happy to help! We devote all of our efforts to making sure YOU feel like your fitness situation is truly understood by our team members.

Our name represents our workout philosophy: Burn a lot of calories in just 30 minutes! Every workout is specific and customized to you, but always incorporates your whole body. This means that your whole body is demanding energy (calories) at the same time, which increases the effect of the workout in 30 minutes compared to only exercising one or two areas of the body during a session.

We use a semi-personal training model which means that you can be scheduled with one other person during your 30-minute session. This helps keep our rates low for our clients. We often experience our clients looking forward to seeing each other and encouraging one another during their workouts, expanding on our “fitness family” environment.

It is recommended that you send us a message through our “Contact Us” page on our website with your questions or a request to schedule a free trial. Or, you can call our studio at 717-737-5772.  After we receive your message, we will contact you to answer your questions and/or schedule a free trial so that you can meet the trainer you’ll be working with, see the space, and try a Burn30 workout. If all goes well, we will schedule you for the rest of the month (depending on when you start) and prorate your monthly price to reflect the number of sessions you will get in during that month. After that, our clients pay and develop their schedule at the beginning of each month.

We have small, personal workout spaces which help create a comfortable atmosphere for our clients. To ensure our personal training clients have the space and equipment they need to complete their programs in 30 minutes, we do not allow people to come in on unscheduled dates and times. We do offer cardio packages which you can see on our classes page if you are looking to supplement your workouts with your trainer.

We are not a women-only gym. Our programs are built to specifically meet your needs and help you achieve your goals, no matter who you are. We passionately feel that anyone would benefit from a Burn30-style workout!

Yes! We have a shower, as well as a separate changing room in addition to our restrooms.

We absolutely can work with you! We have professionally-accredited trainers who are trained to work around injuries, help you get better, or help prevent specific issues from occurring in the future.

Our team is able to provide sound diet advice to combine with your exercise to meet your weight loss goals, but we do not provide strict nutrition or diet plans.

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