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My personal trainer has never made me feel inadequate. In the several months I've been there, I've told Becky, my trainer, "I've never had a bad day at Burn30." The exercises are optimized to benefit my strength and well being without straining my joints. I am empowered by the feeling that I'm learning exercises that may complement my aging.

Jim H.

No one works harder in staying fit and healthy than Becky. She is driven and never backs down from any challenges. She will encourage and support you in every step of your training.

Alexis A.

A place where people work hard towards their fitness goals with a smile on their face.

Brittany E.

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tue, wed, fri 07pm - 08pm
TRX Workout Training
tue, wed, fri 07pm - 08pm
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tue, wed, fri 07pm - 08pm

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  • Kundalini Yoga

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