What is Our #1 Motivation? Helping You Live a Healthier Life.

From our initial consultation and throughout the entirety of your fitness journey with us, we work hard to help you see results you’re proud of and improve your long-term fitness. Some of the personal fitness goals we can help you achieve include:

Improve Overall Strength

Improving Overall Strength and Endurance

Safely Overcoming Setbacks

Safely Overcoming Setbacks from a Previous Injury


Improving Your Physique by Enhancing Muscle Tone

Supporting Your Weight Loss Goals

Supporting Your Weight Loss Goals through Exercise and Diet

What’s Our Personal Training and Fitness Process?

  • Initial training consultation
  • Free-trial workout with certified trainer
  • Continuous check-ins regarding progress
  • Brand new workouts every month, based on your goals and progress, to keep your body challenged and your mind engaged
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What Do Burn30’s Personal Training Workouts Look Like?

Supporting Your Weight Loss Goals

30-Minute Strength Training Sessions

Our strength training sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length. With a highly-personalized approach and focused movements, this is all you need to develop lasting effects. After your strength session, you are encouraged to finish your workout with cardio on one of our many different pieces of cardio equipment. This will complete your hour of exercise and give you a well-balanced session with both strength and endurance components.

Creative Workout Combinations

At Burn30, you won’t have to worry about boring, repetitive movements in your workouts. Our certified trainers use a wide variety of equipment and exercise techniques to keep your muscles guessing and your workouts fresh. We make sure to utilize free weights, cable exercises, resistance bands, medicine balls, bodyweight moves, stability balls, and balance tools into your sessions, based on your personal goals and level of fitness.

Safely Overcoming Setbacks

Strength and Conditioning

By mixing weightlifting and cardio into each session, you will see improvements in all areas of your physical health. These improvements include increased muscle mass, decreased fat mass, as well as better endurance for accomplishing everyday tasks.

Improve Overall Strength

Functional Movements

Burn30’s workouts safely expand your body’s natural range of motion in small increments over time. You’ll see an increase in flexibility and overall functionality of your muscles, which can help protect you from injury in everyday life.

Our Virtual & Personal Training Sessions

Online Exercise Sessions
Cardio Exercise Sessions
Personal Training Sessions

Get ready to sweat! But in a good way, they are absolutely amazing!!!!

Katie Z.

I've been a client of Burn30 since the summer of 2018. I had been going to a gym and working out on my own for years, but I've seen better and quicker results during my time at Burn30. The training is customized to each person. The programs are well-rounded, providing strength training, endurance and cardio, as well as balance and mobility - a true, full-body workout, all in 30 minutes. Burn30 is a wonderful community of people of all backgrounds and age groups supporting and cheering one another on in achieving their fitness goals

Berni K.

I cannot recommend Burn 30 highly enough!  Working with a personal trainer has been the only way I have been able to stay committed to my fitness regimen for seven years in a row.  The staff are friendly, fun, and flexible in scheduling.  They take into account my body’s strengths and weaknesses when designing my training programs, and the new classes are the icing on the cake.  This is one of the best investments I have made for myself and my health!

Cathy S.

Our Trainers

Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
General Manager, Head Personal Trainer
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Fitness Trainer & Specialist

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