Personal Training Sessions

Our personal training sessions where you work directly with one of our trainers run about 30 minutes in length. We use a completely customized approach to focus all of your movements on what is healthy for your body and necessary for you to achieve your fitness goals safely, and with lasting effects. After each strength training session, we offer a variety of cardio equipment for you to use to complete a full 60 minutes of combined strength and cardio exercise.

The combination provides you with an hour of well-balanced exercise to improve both your strength and endurance each time.


  • Beginner’s Package: 1 session/week – $158/month
  • Moderate Fitness Package: 2 sessions/week – $258/month (Most Popular!)
  • Advanced Package: 3 sessions/week – $325/month
  • Fitness Enthusiast Package: 4 sessions/week – $399/month
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What's involved?

We make sure that your workouts won?t be boring and just a repeat of the last time you came in for a training session. Burn30?s personal training sessions are derived from creative workout combinations which can include:

  • Free weights
  • Bodyweight movements
  • Cable exercises
  • Resistance band training
  • Medicine balls
  • Stability balls
  • Balance tools

Who can book sessions?

Our certified team of personal trainers is happy to work with you, regardless of age, gender, health condition and previous exercise experience. Burn30 is a welcoming environment for anybody who wants to improve their overall health and fitness.

Our Trainers:

Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
General Manager, Head Personal Trainer
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Fitness Trainer & Specialist