TRX Workout Training

TRX is a training system based around straps suspended from a bar that allows you to leverage your body weight to get a great workout! This is a fan favorite among our clients. Sign up today!


  • Beginner’s Package: 1 session/week – $158/month
  • Moderate Fitness Package: 2 sessions/week – $258/month (Most Popular!)
  • Advanced Package: 3 sessions/week – $325/month
  • Fitness Enthusiast Package: 4 sessions/week – $399/month

Class Rate (2-3 participants):

  • 1 session/week – $68/month
  • 2 sessions/week – $131/month


  • 1 session/week – $115/month
  • 2 sessions/week – $205/month

Who can participate in this training?

Anyone can benefit from a TRX workout! These workouts can be modified to apply to anyone who is interested, regardless of your current fitness level.

Our Trainers:

Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
General Manager, Head Personal Trainer
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Fitness Trainer & Specialist