Becky Liesch
NSCA Certified

General Manager, Head Personal Trainer

Becky’s passion for fitness began with her own journey to better health. After suffering a sports-related knee injury in college and then gaining weight through two successful pregnancies, she found herself looking at an obese woman who was on the edge of developing Type II diabetes. She vowed to change her lifestyle and regain her health and lost 70 pounds. She has kept this weight off for over 14 years, even after having reconstructive surgery on both of her knees. Becky is an inspiration to her clients and brings lots of energy and creative fitness ideas to Burn30!

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

What Clients Say About Becky

No one works harder in staying fit and healthy than Becky. She is driven and never backs down from any challenges. She will encourage and support you in every step of your training.

Alexis A.

I love the online fitness sessions! Becky accommodates individual needs, while at the same time challenging everyone participating in each of the sessions.

Mary S.