It’s time to leave the standard of “one-size-fits-all” exercise in the past.


At Burn30, we’re devoted to helping each client on his or her own individual fitness journey. We want to see you succeed after each series of workouts, which for us, means that you’re progressively stronger and healthier each time you leave our personal training gym. Our process includes:

Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

Before you become a client, we take time to learn about your fitness goals, current health status, and previous exercise history to develop functional strength training programs that will fit your specific needs and situation.

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Free-Trial Workout

One of our certified personal trainers will show you our bright, clean facility, which features top-notch Matrix brand equipment, and put you through an appropriate 30-minute workout so you can truly experience Burn30 for yourself.

Check Ups

Constant Fitness Check-ins

The benefit of working with a personal trainer is that your voice is always heard. Our trainers check in with you on a regular basis to see if there have been any changes in your goals or current health. If there are, we will adapt your program to make sure you are always making progress towards your fitness goals.

Lemoyne’s Premier Personal Fitness Training

What are the benefits of personal training?

  • Learn how to set realistic goals
  • See results sooner
  • Avoid injuries
  • Receive the support and encouragement you need to stick with your exercise routine
  • Establish lifelong exercise habits
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What Burn30’s Personal Training Studio Has to Offer:

Transparent, no-contract pricing.

We provide quality personal training on a month-to-month basis. No membership, no registration, no yearly maintenance fees. Check out our rates and available discounts.

A clean fitness studio to call home.

We take pride in the equipment at our gym. Making sure everything is clean, tidy, and well-cared-for is always a priority, contributing to keeping our gym a safe place for all who enter.

A welcoming environment.

Our “fit family” loves to share motivation. Each month, our trainers update the community bulletin board with client fitness achievements, birthdays coming up, and the latest trends, facts, and things to look out for in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and mental and general health. Burn30 also holds voluntary gym-wide fitness challenges to help inspire one another.

Certified personal trainers.

All of our team members are certified professionals in the personal training field. We hold monthly staff meetings to hold each other accountable in maintaining and growing our certifications and knowledge about personal fitness training. Our personal trainers specialize in one-on-one training, small group classes, and fitness training for seniors.

Our Online & Studio Classes

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Personal Training Sessions

My personal trainer has never made me feel inadequate. In the several months I've been there, I've told Becky, my trainer, "I've never had a bad day at Burn30." The exercises are optimized to benefit my strength and well being without straining my joints. I am empowered by the feeling that I'm learning exercises that may complement my aging.

Jim H.

No one works harder in staying fit and healthy than Becky. She is driven and never backs down from any challenges. She will encourage and support you in every step of your training.

Alexis A.

A place where people work hard towards their fitness goals with a smile on their face.

Brittany E.

As a newcomer to Burn30, I now have the added discipline and desire to improve my health and fitness plan.  The online training services during the Covid19 Pandemic improved my ability and focus while helping me lose 7 pounds.

Jon E.

Our Trainers

Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
Becky Liesch, NSCA Certified
General Manager, Head Personal Trainer
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Allison Galbreath, NASM Certified
Fitness Trainer & Specialist

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